Let me tell you about Marlboro’s marketing story in America in the 1960s. I think it’s a story that will be included in textbooks about marketing principles. First of all let me remind you. I will say that as his father was a victim of a heart attack due to smoking when I was 8 years old. QUIT SMOKING! The purpose of this article is not to promote smoking. You will see this later in the article.

Since the relationship between cigarette and lung cancer was not fully proven in the 1960s, cigarette producers were making full-length advertisements. Marlboro at that time; It was the 31st brand in terms of sales in America. In a study conducted by the firm, it was the opinion that men preferred this brand less because Marlboro was perceived as a feminine brand.

It was agreed with an advertising agency to change this image, the agency came up with a brilliant marketing idea. A ranch was created in Texas and named as Marlboro country Then, advertising shots were made for two weeks with the slogan “Come to Marlboro Country”. Only cowboys and horses were shown in the photos. They did not even include female flies. 🙂 lol

So what was the result of the Marketing Activity?

Phillip Morris company loved ideas and shots. They invested $ 18 million for the first year. Marlboro Man The person, who’s called and has an advertisement face, appeared on televisions, newspapers, magazines and advertisement areas. A year later, the advertising agency which came up with this brilliant marketing idea and Philip Morris came together to evaluate the results. Marlboro was still the 31st brand and was still considered feminine among consumers.

So what was the lessons learnt? The marketing principle that we call Staying in Mind “can not be easily overcome”. My article about this principle can be found here Fortunately, today, Marlboro or any cigarette company can no longer display such advertisements easily. However, Marlboro is currently the Number 1 cigarette brand among both men and women in America.

One more point thing should be emphasized here. Continuity. As I mentioned in my article titled Staying in Mind marketing principle, it is very difficult to change the ideas of potential customers. There is usually only one solution to this. Money. However, it is not possible to do that with the hit & run tactic, which means spend one or two times a lot of money and advertise on TV. According to your budget; you should choose a method of marketing activity that you can do for a long time and have continuity. If you have a lots of money, you need to do a long-term advertisement on TV, radio or social media on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to change the mind of the potential customer.

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